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As many of you know, we recently closed our retail location in West Milton. And now things will be changing even more as we move to Wisconsin. That means COOL STUFF at the LOFT in downtown Dayton will close at the end of June, with clearance sales going on there through the run of Family Ties (follow The Loft Theatre Tab above for details). Even so,  many of the unique items we create will continue to available at other retail locations including:
Studio 14 in Tipp City, Ohio, Three Orange Doors in Madison, Wisconsin and Bungalow Pros in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. And hopefully the Wisconsin list will grow once we've made the move. This website will eventually go away as well, so be sure to check back for updates through the end of June when we'll have a better idea of what the future holds and where you'll be able to find us and the work we produce. 

But for now, you can still continue to scroll down to see samples of the handcrafted items we offer from beautiful beaded pens and bottle toppers, to hardwood Celtic knot ornaments and individually carved soapstone and alabaster animal fetishes. Follow the tabs above to see and learn more, then call or email for ordering. 

 The Medicine Cards package includes a hardbound book plus a set of beautifully illustrated cards that contain and convey the messages of 52 animals. Each teaches in its own way the evolving life-lessons we need
to embrace as human beings facing the new millennium and our continued healing processes. Nature is reaching out to us as the creatures offer us a way to grow beyond our former identities.

It’s an amazing tool for spiritual guidance and growth that is both captivating and enlightening, and I highly recommend you become familiar with the Medicine Cards if you are not already. Also, as mentioned above, they were the inspiration for the hand carved soapstone and alabaster animals now available through REALLY COOL STUFF…all 52 of them featured in the set. 

By Jamie Sams and David Carson
*©1999 St. Martin's Press
(this image appears with permission from 
David Carson and St. Martin's Press)
is pleased to exclusively offer all 
52 animals featured in The Medicine Cards set as soapstone and alabaster fetishes hand carved
 by Karen Callahan

To place an order, contact Karen by phone at (937) 698-3080 or email at  kcc@really-cool-stuff.biz to discuss details, especially for custom orders or  unusual shipping and handling needs. ​Typical rates appear below.

 Also, please note that all items are individually handcrafted and may vary slightly in color, size and shape from those pictured here. 

Shipping and handling fees for domestic packages sent anywhere within the United States:
* 1 to 3 items ……$6.50 
* 4 to 10 items…..$13.50
All prices are in USD

Please call for quotes on shipping costs for packages:
* Of more than 10 items
* With a destination outside the US
* If expedited shipping is desired